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Private Duty Nursing


Private Duty Nurses (PDN) are eligible professionals who work as freelancers or through hospital and nursing agencies, delivering healthcare services to a patient or two. They tend to be patients in hospitals, supplementing the care given by staff nurses or work independently at home or in a long-term facility. They provide primary and focused nursing care and implements care plans that are specialized to individual medical needs.


  • Adequate medical assessment and history is taken in collaboration with other members of the healthcare providers such as the dietician or the physician

  • Day-to-day patient interaction

  • Vital signs checking (changes and alterations documented)

  • Administration of medications and treatments (as pre ordered by physician)

  • Changes dressings, bandages and contraptions as prescribed

  • Diet supervision and monitoring (with considerations to dietician advise and medical condition)

  • Providing or assisting patient in self-care

  • Dental care needs

  • Bathing needs

  • Other self-care needs (may involve hair and nail care)

  • Providing range of motion exercises (may be passive or active depending on the condition)

  • If bed-ridden, an assertive plan to prevent bed sores, contractures and muscle wasting is to be provided

  • When alterations are observed, treatments and remedies are to be performed accordingly

  • Documentation of patient’s condition and pointing out significant changes, to be reported to the physician and to the families

  • In case of emergency situations, application of independent emergency procedures is recommended

  • Maintains optimum health and well-being of the patient

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