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MDCP: Medically Dependent Children’s Program

Who qualifies?

MDCP is a waiver program for children under the age of 21 with a continuing medical need. Since this is a waiver you do not have to be previously enrolled in Medicaid nor do you need to meet the financial qualifications of Traditional Medicaid if you meet medical necessity.

What services are provided?

Respite and Flexible Family and Support Services through nursing, personal attendant services (PAS), and personal attendant services delegated (PASD). MDCP also allows minor home modifications and vehicle modifications, as well as medical equipment and supplies not covered by Traditional Medicaid, to be accessed through the client’s budget. Adaptive aids and Transition assistance services.

More info and how to access this program…

To obtain MDCP you must call the Department of Aging and Disability’s interest line at 1-877-438-5658; select your language; press option 1. Inform them you would like to place your child on the waiting list for MDCP (MDCP has a 5-10 year waiting list if you do not use the MFP option). Notify DADS that you will like to use the “Money Follows the Person Program Option” (MFP Option).



DADS will obtain your child’s information and will (MDCP cont.) contact your region’s coordinator who will assign a case worker to your child. The case worker will contact you within 2 weeks to schedule an evaluation. The evaluation will determine eligibility and your child’s budget through MDCP. Your case worker will give you a list of agencies to choose from if you do not already have one selected. Once that process is complete, and if you chose the MFP Option, your child will have to be admitted for a brief nursing home stay.




If your child qualifies for the shortened stay, they would only to have to stay up to 24 hours, and you get to stay with your child the entire time. If for some reason your child does not qualify for the shortened stay, the nursing home stay is 30 days. When your child is discharged from the nursing home, they would have Medicaid. Because MDCP is a waiver Medicaid, your child has now obtained Medicaid based on medical status not financial status and your income does not affect their Medicaid. If at any time your income disqualifies your child for Traditional Medicaid, your child’s Medicaid will fall back onto the “waiver Medicaid” that they have because they have MDCP. MDCP authorizations are good for one year and are re-evaluated by DADS caseworker each year.




Hours can be banked and used more flexibly than with acute care programs, but any hours or funds not used by the end of the authorization period are lost. MDCP is beneficial to have because it will transition your child smoothly into the adult programs when your child reaches the age of 21.


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